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Repost: “Unprecedented Ethiopia protests far from over…”

Original Article Addis Ababa – Regional protests that began last year in Ethiopia have spread across the country, and despite successive crackdowns analysts say dissatisfaction with the authoritarian government is driving ever greater unrest. Demonstrations began popping up in November 2015 in the Oromia region, which surrounds the capital, due to a government plan to […]

In Memoriam of Julius (Julie) Kahn

    In Memoriam of Julius (Julie) Kahn A veteran of the coffee industry for over 60 years, Julius (Julie) Kahn passed away on Sunday, July 3, 2016 at the age of 88. He was surrounded by his children, Debbie Kahn, Karen & Jeff Miller and Jason Kahn. He is survived by his grandchildren, Stephanie, […]

This is not about coffee..older news

One of the world’s rarest tigers has died in Indonesia’s infamous ‘death zoo’ By Peter Holley Original Article  Rama was born in captivity and had numerous health problems. The 16-year-old male tiger died this month at a zoo that has become notorious for animal deaths. (AFP) There was a time when the Surabaya Zoo, on […]

Where will farmers grow the best coffee in the future? Sonoma?!

Original Article Here Countries close to the equator are renowned for growing the most delicious coffee on Earth. But with surging temperatures across the globe, the zones which are currently ideal for growing coffee land may soon shift, Sam Lewontin, a KRUPS ambassador and champion barista told Tech Insider. Eventually, the regions we typically think […]

Economist Article – Burundi & Echoes of Rwanda

Original Article  WHEN a Hutu politician says it is time to “pulverise and exterminate” rebels who are “good only for dying”, outsiders should sit up. When he talks of spraying “cockroaches” or urges people to “start work”, it is hard to miss the old codewords for massacring Tutsis. When the politician is not some obscure […]

Economist Article – Kenya Coffee, A Bitter Harvest

http://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21695564-cautionary-tale-about-overregulated-industry-bitter-harvest COFFEE was once Kenya’s biggest foreign-exchange earner, but these days the industry looks less perky. The country’s record, 127,000-tonne crop was all the way back in the 1987-88 season. Output plunged by 40% the following year, after the global coffee cartel axed its quotas, exposing the industry to competition. It has been falling ever […]

Inventor of Moka Pot … buried in Moka Pot

Renato Bialetti, the man behind the iconic octagonal coffee pot from Italy, has died, and his freshly ground ashes were buried in a fitting urn — a giant version of the Moka that made him famous. The 93-year-old’s children, Alessandra, Antonello and Alfonso, brewed up the plan to bury their dad’s remains in a stovetop […]