Photo: Marlene Mendez

Clearance Coffees

Please note that all availability is subject to final confirmation. For “live-time” availability please contact us. Thank you!

ASCI Ref.OriginQualityCertification(s)BagsPack TypeLocation
P28118Brazil2/3's MTGB 14/16 Screen Natural73Annex
P30341Brazil Natural Catuai, 1050 masl, Alto Caparao4GrainproAnnex
P30646Brazil2/3's SSFC 17/1860Annex
P30596ColombiaExcelso EP Popayan125Green Room
P30997ColombiaExcelso EP Antioquia EP 10% SMS Traceable77EBL
P31221Costa RicaSHB EP Tarrazu Micro Mill: RyS, Black Honey32GrainproAnnex
P28719Decaf MexicoCO2 MaximusORG58Annex
P29828Decaf SumatraMC Process9Annex
P30506Decaf SumatraMC Process31Annex
P30772Decaf SumatraMC Process26Annex
P30385GuatemalaSHB EP ASDECAFE - Huehuetenango and QuicheFT23Annex
P30542GuatemalaSHB EP ASDECAFE - Huehuetenango and QuicheFT, ORG83Annex
P30543GuatemalaSHB EP ASDECAFE - Huehuetenango and QuicheFT, ORG191Annex
P30945GuatemalaSHB EP AprocafeORG209Annex
P30797HondurasSHG EP Tojes el Paraíso Region275EBL
P30808HondurasSHG EP161Annex
P31191IndiaPlantation B Washed 75% on Sc. 15101Annex
P31193IndiaPlantation B Washed 75% on Sc. 15RFA19Annex
P30627KenyaAB FAQ131Annex
P30869KenyaGakundu Auction Lot AA3GrainproAnnex
P31120Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X Wau SmallHoldersORG161GrainproAnnex
P31301Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X Keto TapasiFT, ORG268GrainproAnnex
P31504Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X Jimi District, Jiwaka Province, Waghi/Sepik divide320EBL
P31505Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X320EBL
P31575Papua New GuineaPlantation A/X313EBL
P31123BPeruASOCASEL MCM EPFT275Continental Terminals VA