Photo: Marlene Mendez

Clearance Coffees

Please note that all availability is subject to final confirmation. For “live-time” availability please contact us. Thank you!

ASCI Ref.OriginQualityCertification(s)BagsPack TypeLocation
P28118Brazil2/3's MTGB 14/16 Screen Natural73Annex
P30596ColombiaExcelso EP Popayan130Green Room
P32189ColombiaExcelso EP reconditionedUTZ10EBL
P30424Costa RicaSHB EP Tarrazu Finca Los Jocotes , Micro Mill Rio Jorco6GrainproAnnex
P30425Costa RicaSHB EP Tarrazu Finca El Jean Carlo , Micro Mill Rio Jorco5GrainproAnnex
P30302GuatemalaHuehuetenango SHB EP Palmira143Annex
P29894NicaraguaSHG EP Nueva Segovia, Dipilto, Los Planes, Finca Las Marias, Henry Hueck46GrainproAnnex
P29964NicaraguaSHG EP Jinotega, La Reforma, Finca San Francisco, Henry Hueck16GrainproAnnex
P30907NicaraguaSHG EP APACFT274Green Room
P29598Papua New GuineaPlantation AX Warawau320EBL
P31505Papua New GuineaPlantation AX320EBL
P31506Papua New GuineaPlantation AX320EBL