PNG Landslide cuts off highlands

THE Highlands Highway has been cut off at Daulo Pass again.
Continuous rain in the region triggered another massive landslip at Daulo Pass on Monday night, cutting off the four highlands provinces.

It blocked a mountain creek and created a dam which is threatening to burst, posing further risks to people down the valley and further damages to the highway.
It is a nightmare for trucking firms who only this week raised concerns on the high operating costs with frequent landslips along the highway and increased fuel prices.
The Highlands Highway is the only road link between the five highlands provinces and the coastal towns of Lae and Madang.
Landslides and slips along the highway has affected businesses including the oil and gas fields in Southern Highlands and Porgera gold mine, the travelling public and PMV operators.
PMVs loaded with passengers destined for Lae and Goroka from Mt Hagen offloaded their passengers on the Chimbu side of the slip and passengers walked across to get on buses on the Goroka side to continue their journey. This has a greater impact on businesses and also us despatching coffee for shipment.


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