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Offering List

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ASCI Ref.OriginQualityCertification(s)BagsPack TypeLocation
P31359BrazilNatural Santa Cristina Farm, Cerrado Mineiro RegionORG246VideplastAnnex
P31378BrazilNatural Santa Cristina Farm, Cerrado Mineiro RegionORG27VideplastAnnex
P31995BrazilPulped Natural Screen 16+ Fazenda Sertao Yellow Bourbon165GrainproGreen Room
P32112BrazilNatural Caparao Regional Selection37HighBarrierAnnex
P32112BrazilNatural Pocos de Caldas83HighBarrierAnnex
P32112BrazilNatural Araponga Regional Selection21HighBarrierAnnex
P32112BrazilNatural Valle de Grama89HighBarrierAnnex
P32122Brazil2/3's Natural Cerrado SSFC Sc 15+19Annex
P32622BrazilPulped Natural Screen 16+320Shipping Sep '18
P32647Brazil2/3's Natural Cerrado SSFC Sc 15+325Shipping Jul '18
P32648Brazil2/3's SSFC 17/18325Shipping Sep '18
P31303BurundiKarehe - IWCA Women's Cooperative - Busiga Bourbon FW128GrainproAnnex
P31304BurundiKinyovu- IWCA Women's Cooperative - Matongo Bourbon FW28GrainproAnnex
P31892BurundiKarehe IWCA Women's Cooperative - Bourbon Busiga Micro Lot FW11GrainproAnnex
P32184BurundiIWCA Karehe Women's Cooperative FW57GrainproContinental NJ
P32249BurundiFully Washed 15+ Kayanza320GrainproAnnex
P31982ColombiaPlanadas Tolima Excelso EPORG241GrainproAnnex
P32225ColombiaExcelso EPUTZ49Annex
P32230ColombiaSupremo 17/18 Cafe Lucero51Annex
P32239ColombiaExcelso EP3Annex
P32640ColombiaExcelso EP275Shipping Jul '18
P31932Costa RicaSHB EP Tarrazu "La Capilla"155Shipping Jul '18
P31977Costa RicaSHB EP Black Honey Process Tarrazu Region15GrainproAnnex
P31978Costa RicaSHB EP Yellow Honey Process, Tarrazu Region15GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32539Costa RicaSHB EP Tres Rios Variety: Starmaya SMSRFA16GrainproAnnex
P32540Costa RicaSHB EP Tres Rios Variety: Marsellesa SMSRFA20GrainproAnnex
P32542Costa RicaSHB EP Tres Rios Bello Horizonte Community Lot96Annex
P32543Costa RicaSHB EP Tres Rios Santuario Red Bourbon Black Honey, Tres Milagros Higuito Farm5GrainproAnnex
P32544Costa RicaSHB EP Tres Rios Santuario Red Bourbon Fully Washed, Tres Milagros Higuito Farm10GrainproAnnex
P32581Costa RicaSHB EP Trojas Superior275Afloat
P32582Costa RicaSHB EP Trojas Superior225Afloat
P32583Costa RicaSHB EP San Juanillo50Afloat
P32575Decaf BrazilMC Process4Shipping Jul '18
P32191Decaf ColombiaMountain Water Process Supremo 17/18130Annex
P32260Decaf ColombiaMC Process124Annex
P32039Decaf Costa RicaMC Process24Annex
P32261Decaf Costa RicaMC Process134Annex
P32051Decaf EthiopiaMountain Water Process Washed Limu G.1, Coop Hawa Yember22Annex
P31438Decaf GuatemalaMC Process4Annex
P32190Decaf GuatemalaMountain Water Process SHB EP68Annex
P32262Decaf GuatemalaMC Process63Annex
P32197Decaf MexicoMountain Water Process Producer: UCOAACFT, ORG, SMBC41Shipping Jul '18
P32508Decaf MexicoMountain Water Process Hacienda MiravallesORG, SMBC101Shipping Jul '18
P32508Decaf MexicoMountain Water Process Hacienda MiravallesORG, SMBC40Shipping Jul '18
P32510Decaf MexicoMountain Water Process Hacienda MiravallesORG, SMBC51Shipping Jul '18
P32631Decaf MexicoMountain Water Process Hacienda MiravallesORG, SMBC98Shipping Sep '18
P31437Decaf Papua New GuineaMountain Water Process Wau Plantation A/XORG55Annex
P31493El SalvadorFinca Los Andes Blend SHG AP125Annex
P31498El SalvadorFinca Los Andes Blend SHG AP49Annex
P31529El SalvadorFinca Los Andes Blend SHG AP63Annex
P31528El SalvadorBorja Nathan SHG29Annex
P31529El SalvadorNATURAL Finca Sabanetas ABS SHGRFA90GrainproAnnex
P31773El SalvadorFinca El Oasis SHG EP SHGORG, RFA, SMBC75GrainproAnnex
P31472AEthiopiaSidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union Sidamo Grade 2FT, ORG49GrainproAnnex
P32278EthiopiaSidamo Natural Grade 4 Layo Teraga Coop, Oromia Farmers Coop UnionFT, ORG108GrainproAfloat
P32279EthiopiaSidamo Natural Grade 4 Layo Teraga Coop, Oromia Farmers Coop UnionFT, ORG120GrainproShipping Aug '18
P32280EthiopiaSidamo Grade 2 Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative UnionFT, ORG160GrainproArriving Soon
P32281EthiopiaSidamo Grade 2 Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative UnionFT, ORG120GrainproShipping Sep '18
P32484EthiopiaSidamo Gr 2110GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32485EthiopiaGuji Gr 189GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32486EthiopiaYirgacheffe Gr 1120GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32497EthiopiaSidamo Natural Grade 4 Layo Teraga Coop, Oromia Farmers Coop Union
FT, ORG100GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32446FloresGrade 1 Blue Dragon - NgadaORG, RFA175GrainproAfloat
P32592FloresGrade 1 Blue Dragon - NgadaORG, RFA160GrainproAfloat
P32593FloresGrade 1 Green Dragon - ManggaraiORG, RFA160GrainproAfloat
P31361GuatemalaSHB EP205Annex
P31461Guatemala"Palmira" Huehuetenango SHB EP30Annex
P31553GuatemalaSHB EP Aprocafe Atitlan La LagunaORG1Annex
P31563GuatemalaSHB EP ASDECAFE - Huehuetenango and QuicheFT, ORG163Annex
P32070GuatemalaSHB EP Atitlan AAPOSAORG265Annex
P32149BGuatemalaSHB EP ADISQUEORG275Arriving Soon
P32212Guatemala"Palmira" Huehuetenango SHB EP65Annex
P32213GuatemalaSHB EP Coban123Annex
P32214Guatemala"Palmira" Huehuetenango SHB EP245Annex
P32215GuatemalaSHB EP Fraijanes125Annex
P32216GuatemalaSHB EP Acatenango150Annex
P32217GuatemalaSHB EP Atitlan50Annex
P32218GuatemalaSHB EP San Marcos150Annex
P32219Guatemala"Palmira" Huehuetenango SHB EP275Annex
P32220Guatemala"Palmira" Huehuetenango SHB EP269Afloat
P32221Guatemala"Palmira" Huehuetenango SHB EP175Shipping Jul '18
P32222GuatemalaSHB EP Acatenango175Shipping Jul '18
P32223GuatemalaSHB EP Atitlan100Shipping Jul '18
P32223GuatemalaSHB EP Atitlan100Shipping Jul '18
P32224GuatemalaSHB EP San Marcos175Shipping Jul '18
P32323GuatemalaSHB EP ASDECAFE - Huehuetenango and QuicheORG82Annex
P31468HondurasSHG EP COCAFELOLORG, RFA255Annex
P31760HondurasSHG EP43Annex
P31919HondurasSHG EP100Annex
P31920HondurasSHG EPRFA40Annex
P32630HondurasSHG EP Las CapucasFT, ORG195GrainproShipping Jul '18
P30627KenyaAB FAQ129Annex
P30869KenyaAA Gakundu Auction Lot3GrainproAnnex
P31603KenyaTraceable: Roret Factory, Mwancha, Mukinduri, Olbanta, Girango AB FAQ87Annex
P31757KenyaTraceable: Bisembe, Rirura, Gachombele, Mitheru Factory, Mtaro Estate AB FAQ123Annex
P32269KenyaKiamara AA/AB LUCY124GrainproAnnex
P32271KenyaKamwangi AA/AB Blend49GrainproAnnex
P32271KenyaKamwangi AA/AB Blend5GrainproAnnex
P32272KenyaAB Gicherori CertifiedRFA28GrainproAnnex
P32273KenyaAB Kathakwa CertifiedRFA40GrainproAnnex
P32305KenyaEstate AA Chania Estate AA15GrainproAnnex
P32306KenyaEstate AA Oreti Estate AA6GrainproAnnex
P32307KenyaEstate AA Chania Estate Blend AB/PB/C43GrainproAnnex
P32331KenyaAB Giakanja5GrainproAfloat
P32655KenyaAA Kamwangi3GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32661KenyaGichathaini AA/AB BlendRFA127GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32662KenyaAB Giakanja47Shipping Jul '18
P32663KenyaAB Giakanja9Shipping Jul '18
P32704KenyaAA Thiriku13GrainproShipping Jul '18
P31371AMexicoCustepec SHG EP250EBL-LA
P31643MexicoSHG EP Finca Chicharras Tablon #3, Traditional Washed ABS25GrainproAnnex
P31644MexicoSHG EP Finca Chicharras Tablon #4, Traditional Washed ABS25GrainproAnnex
P31645MexicoSHG EP Finca Guadalupe Zaju Tablon #2, Traditional Washed ABS21GrainproAnnex
P31646MexicoSHG EP Finca Chicharras Tablon #5, Traditional Washed ABS50GrainproAnnex
P31689MexicoSHG EP Chiapas - 8 Defects230EBL-LA
P31690MexicoSHG EP Chiapas - 8 Defects125Annex
P31821MexicoSHG EP Chiapas275Annex
P31921MexicoSHG EP Finca Nueva Linda, La Concordia, ChiapasRFA25Annex
P31973MexicoHG EP Finca El ChorroORG, SMBC275Annex
P31974MexicoHG EP Finca El Chorro
ORG, SMBC275Annex
P32231BMexicoSHG EP Custepec Superior144Annex
P32274MexicoSHG EP Custepec SuperiorRFA97Annex
P32274MexicoSHG EP Custepec SuperiorRFA13Annex
P32353MexicoSHG EP GraposFT, ORG, SMBC80Afloat
P32356AMexicoSHG EP Custepec Superior202Annex
P32356BMexicoSHG EP Custepec Superior274Annex
P32356CMexicoSHG EP Custepec Superior275Annex
P32621AMexicoSHG EP Grapos Community Lot ChiapasFT, ORG54Afloat
P32621BMexicoSHG EP Grapos, Microlot Vega del Rosario: Rolfi RobleroFT, ORG12Afloat
P32621CMexicoSHG EP Microlot Santuario Guadalupe Zaju Farm, Variety Starmaya13Afloat
P32621DMexicoSHG EP Microlot Santuario Chanjul Farm, Variety H10 Honey Process9Afloat
P32621EMexicoSHG EP Microlot Santuario San Antonio Farm, Variety H3 Natural Process23Afloat
P32623MexicoHG EP153Afloat
P31567NicaraguaSHG EPSMS143Annex
P31737ANicaraguaSHG EP Segovia269Annex
P31865NicaraguaSHG EP119Annex
P31939NicaraguaSHG EP149Annex
P32076NicaraguaSHG EP SegoviaSMS25Shipping Jul '18
P32293NicaraguaSHG EP SegoviaSMST50Shipping Jul '18
P32599NicaraguaSHG EP Reyna del CaféFT, ORG275Shipping Jul '18
P32705Papua New GuineaPlantation AXORG160GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32706Papua New GuineaPlantation AX160GrainproShipping Jul '18
P31894PeruGr 1 SHG Blend18Annex
P32625PeruHB MCM74GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32625PeruHB MCM94GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32625PeruHB MCM271GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32625PeruHB MCM111GrainproShipping Jul '18
P31637RwandaFully Washed 15+290Annex
P31948RwandaKotwibakabo Fully Washed Sc 15+FT, ORG77GrainproAnnex
P32341SumatraMandheling Gr 1 Triple Picked280Annex
P32341SumatraMandheling Gr 1 Triple Picked17Annex
P32348SumatraMandheling Gr 1 Golden Gayo240GrainproAfloat
P32364SumatraMandheling Gr 1 Golden GayoORG, RFA160GrainproShipping Jul '18
P32365SumatraMandheling TP Select Black Panther Gr1 Triple Picked Semi-Washed44GrainproAfloat
P32366SumatraMandheling TP Select Lintong Horas Batak Sc 15-1850GrainproAfloat
P32367SumatraMandheling Gr 1 Golden Gayo190GrainproAfloat
P32390SumatraMandheling Gr 1 Coop Ksu Item Rejo GayoFT, ORG97GrainproArriving Soon
P32507SumatraMandheling Gr 1 Triple Picked320Afloat
P32546SumatraMandheling Gr 1 Koperasi Produsen Petani Kopi GayoFT, ORG320GrainproArriving Soon
P32569SumatraMandheling Gr 1 Aceh Gayo, Super Queen Ketiara Women ProducersORG320GrainproAfloat
P32611SumatraMandheling Gr 123Annex
P32612SumatraMandheling Gr 1ORG25Continental NJ
P31905TanzaniaFully Washed Tanzania AA/AB South CPU320EBL
P31994UgandaSipi Falls Fully Washed Micro-lotsORG, UTZ84GrainproAfloat
P32264Uganda "Ethiopia-Wash" Special ProcessingORG65GrainproAfloat
P32265Uganda Fully Washed, Dry FermentationORG65GrainproAfloat
P32266Uganda Fully Washed, Extended FermentationORG10GrainproAfloat
P32568VietnamRobusta304Shipping Jul '18