Green Coffee Diet


How effective is green coffee?

green coffee

With the festive season underway, many of us are likely to overdo things in terms of eating and drinking in the not-too-distant future.

As we all know, the January press will be filled with ideas for shedding excess Christmas pounds, thanks to our overindulgence.

One weight loss idea that has been noted in the news recently is the consumption of green coffee bean extracts.


They are said to be a natural way to get rid of additional weight. It is made of unroasted coffee beans and, as most of us know, caffeine generally is renowned for boosting metabolism and giving us a ‘kick.’

However, the green coffee beans have additional chemicals which are also said to be beneficial for weight loss.

For instance, chlorogenic acid is said to inhibit the absorption of fat and is a big ingredient of green coffee.

A study at the University of Scranton, suggests that those who consumed the green coffee bean supplements had weight loss averaging around 17 pounds, although there was no significant alteration to their diet.

The study looked at 16 overweight adults and they took either 1,050 mg, 700mg or none of this ingredient for the test.

As with many medical studies, one small research project is not adequate and more needs to be done.

However, with the growing global problem of obesity, if it is found that the humble green coffee bean could help things, this would be a good way of losing weight, wouldn’t it?

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